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3rd Hand Support Pole System By FastCap

3rd Hand Products by FastCap

3rd Hand support pole system by FastCap can give you that much needed extra hand when installing heavy cabinets or even a garbage disposal.

The FastCap 3rd hand system is an ever growing line of products built to assist in construction from the Do-it-yourself project to the full construction site. The 3rd hand includes small supports to help install garbage disposals and 3rd hand tripods for mobile bases and roller tops. Other common and useful tools are the 3rd hand supports for cabinet installation and the floor to ceiling mounts for dust barrier systems and laser mounts. The cabinet installation system offers multiple sizes in separate pairs so that it’s easy to purchase just the size you need to install your upper cabinets according to your situation. The LaserJamb allows the user to set up the laser level in a static floor position in the room and to move the laser up and down the pole as needed. For those doing a repair and installing sheetrock, or doing a home remodel room by room, the dust barrier and dust door system are a great fit. The floor to ceiling poles help to support the plastic sheeting and to shape the space evenly, while the magnetic dust door makes it easy to pass the barrier with minor inconveniences to the space. If you already have a set but need to bulk out its uses we carry a range of accessories that complement the contractor poles such as the Laser mount and the 3rd hand hook hanger. Other alterations include the FastCap 3rd hand tripod mount with non-marring feet and 3rd hand roller top accessory, allowing you to turn a 3rd hand pole into a free standing upright nearly anywhere or a catch for your table saw.

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