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The Makita Buy 2 Bare Tools and Get a Free BL1830 Battery Promotion

Add to your existing Makita 18v cordless tools with 2 bare tools and get a free Makita 18v BL1830 battery!

The free Makita BL1830 battery promotional period is from February 1st, 2014 to March 31st, 2014.

Purchase (2) cordless bare power tools listed below and automatically receive a BL1830 battery included in the package shipment. One BL1830 Makita battery will be sent out for every 2 bare tools power tools with no mail-in rebate required this makes it one of the easiest promotions ever! Simply purchase 2 bare tools from hardwaresales.com and enjoy a BL1830 battery valued at $89.99 for free! Makita z-bare tools are cordless power tools which are not included with a standard battery, charger or tool bag. Purchasing bare tools allows contractors, handyman and home do-it yourselfers an opportunity to buy low priced tools without buying additional chargers, tool bags and other accessories regularly included in power tool combo kits.

Bare Tool Impact Drivers

Add another quality Makita tool to your home tool kit and start an ultimate backyard patio project with a cordless Makita impact. Makita cordless impact drivers and impact wrenches will fasten all types of different screws into wood, composite, and metal materials. Impacts are great for building decks, birdhouses, patio furniture, kitchen cabinets, and work sheds. Make sure to dream big on your next home improvement project with a Makita 18v impact.

Bare Tool Drill Drivers

The industry leading Makita LXFD03Z cordless bare tool lithium-ion driver-drill can be used for drilling multiple holes and driving different types of screws into wood. Makita power tools offer a ton of durable and compact models of cordless drills and drivers for getting into tight spots and for any DIY project you come across. The Makita BHP454 can be run as a cordless driver-drill or a cordless hammer driver-drill. This allows any consumer to carry just one power tool on the construction site instead of two, replacing the standard corded driver-drill. Makita cordless hammer drills are designed for quick screw drilling without the all the hassle and extra weight.

Bare Tool Saws

Makita Saws are some of the best in the world. If you have ever tried to rip a long piece of plywood with a corded circular you know the frustration of always having to move and be aware of your cords so they will not get cut. Jig Saws are the same way, how can you be expected to make a precise round cut smoothly and not have stop at least once to move so you the cord does not get cut? These Makita Saws are a vital part of your tool kit, go ahead try and cut a straight line down a length of plywood, it is not going to happen.

Bare Tool Woodworking

Quickly and easily cut the surface off a single piece of hardwood in locations where an extension power cord for a corded joiner is not available. The Makita LXJP02Z cordless bare tool plate joiner is the ideal joiner for a woodworker, carpenter or do it yourselfer and has the power to be used for up to 300 cuts or 150 joints on a single charge with a BL1830 for on the next home improvement project. This bare tool can be used with the Makita 18V LXT BL1830 which can power more than 65 different Makita power tools.

Bare Tool Metalworking

The Makita handheld BGA452Z 18v angle grinder can be used for removing and grinding away burrs or uneven surfaces or can be used for cutting metals or other work site materials. A common power tool found in most workshops and on construction sites. The angle grinder has enough power for the next home improvement project. Planning on installing sheet metal roofing and need a durable way of cutting the metal. The cordless 18v Makita nibbler can be used for cutting sheet metal up to 16 gauge.

Bare Tool Concrete

The Makita cordless BHR202Z and BHR241Z rotary hammers can be the ideal heavy duty handheld power tool for any masonry construction company looking to drill holes in hard concrete with a solid Makita bit which can be found at Hardware Sales. The lithium-ion bare tool is lightweight and has a shock absorbent handle for less vibrations and better control when drilling into concrete. The rotary hammer cordless power tool can be used in conjunction with a Makita BL1830 and where running a 120v power extension cord is not an option on the new job site.

Bare Tool LXT X2 Tools

The new innovative LXT X2 technology combines (2) BL1830 18-volt batteries for up to 36-volts of power when drilling with the corded HRH01ZX2 hammer. The Makita built motor provides the contractor with enough power for faster drilling and with 3-mode operation the rotary hammer is the ideal hammering power tool.

Bare Tool Power Equipment

The easy and maintenance free Makita power equipment makes landscaping a breeze with the lightweight 5-inch cordless chainsaw for trimming trees and fallen branches. The new 22-inch hedge trimmer is environmentally friendly for home landscaping and yard trimming. The innovative grass shear allows a homeowner to get close to home steps, garden beds, and other lawn areas without damaging plants with the sharp lithium-ion shear tool.

Other Makita Bare Tools

The Makita BMR100W cordless job site radio can be used for listening to AM/FM on the job site powered by a single lithium-ion battery. If you need a fan for moving air inside a stuffy room use the Makita BCF201Z.


Step 2: After purchasing two of the bare tools you simply check out and your order will include a free Makita 18v BL1830! Better yet, if you buy four bare tools you will get two 18v Makita batteries! If you buy six bare tools you will get three batteries! If you buy... you get the idea! The only limit is the quantity of bare tool stock on hand. Click here to view the flyer!