The Flex Bit Bag by FastCap has an innovative way to secure router bits using a unique hook and loop system bits instead of pouches. Instead of pulling bits out of pouches you have a clear plastic panel that you apply to the bit and the bag behind it. By using the hook and loop it prevents you from wrecking any pouches and inevitably throwing away a bag. It also features a hook and loop pouch to hold all of your wrenches for changing bits. By using this it also prevents you from storing expensive carbide router bits in a drawer or container and potentially chipping them. The Flex Bit Bag is also as versatile as it is innovative; you can use it to store screws, drill bits, chisels, wrenches, screwdrivers, cutters, and pliers.

More Information

More Information
Country of Origin: CHINA
Manufacturer: FastCap
Condition: New
retail price: $29.99


  • The 31-1/2-Inch tall x 12-Inch wide x 3-1/2-Inch thick FLEX Bit Bag keeps your router bits organized, sharp and chip free
  • Made of heavy duty ballistic nylon with flexible hook and loop, your router bits can be arranged any way you want.
  • This handy organizer keeps your router wrenches all in one place, handy at the jobsite or in the shop.




  • Demensions: 31-1/2-Inch tall x 12-Inch wide x 3-1/2-Inch thick
  • Bit Pockets: 8


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